Sunday, January 10, 2010

Got Fight?

Forrest Griffin is one of the funniest MMA fighters to step into the Octagon. I haven't read his book Got Fight? yet but I do plan on reading it very soon. I just finished Twilight (didn't like it) and will probably read Arthas next but this book is in my next 3 for sure. I actually may read this one and Arthas at the same time. But anyway on to the story of this image. I've been trying to make the images look more professional thats why you'll see the text at the bottom about waking the Kindle, also the black borders. I wanted a high resolution image to use this time and I found the cover for Got Fight? and decided to give it a try and as you can see it looks pretty good on the Kindle 2.Also attaching two images to this one.

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